HU 100FSK household incubator

64 990 Ft ÁFÁt tartalmaz

Szerkezetében ugyanaz a gép, mint a HU 140SK, csak már benne van a fordítómű is!  100 tyúktojás keltetésére alkalmas.  Lehet benne bármilyen tojást keltetni. (Tojásbölcső cserével!)


HU 100FSK household incubator.

Its construction is the same as the HU 140SK, with the only difference of having the turning device built in!

The frame of the machine is 2cm thick, made of very good insulating polystyrene (hungarocell).

It is suitable to incubate 100 chicken eggs. Also, it can be used to incubate other types of eggs (with an egg-holder change!).

In the bottom part of the machine you need to place the two, semi-circle, watertight film linings facing each other and fill up the two inner circles with water. Then you need to place the black egg-grid on top.

After this, put in the F100 type turning device. It preciously fits the bottom part; you do not need to make any changes!

Place the eggs, with their pointy ends up, in the egg-holder of the turning device. (You can also put the eggs lying on their side, since it is their normal position in the nest, but then you have less room in the machine.) Bring the connecting wire of the turning device out of the machine, through the side opposite of the engine winch. The wire will make an indentation in the upper part of the hungarocell, use this groove later on whenever pulling out the wire.

Place the top part of the machine on, making sure it fits preciously; then put in the heating module through the hole that is located in the middle of the top part.

Connect the fitted, special plug of the turning device (F100/12V) to the connecting outlet, which is located on the side of the SK60F type heating module.

Connect it to the electrical circuit and set the desired temperature.

After a couple of hours the required value is set.

From the 4th day on, you must take off the top part for about 15-20 minutes every day, turn off the machine and you must let the eggs cool off.

In the last three days do not turn the eggs, it is the hatching period. You must remove the turning device, fill up another two water channels with water and place the eggs on the egg-grid. The chickens will hatch on this.

Detailed information about using the machine can be found in the included Manual!

Recommended accessories: Control thermometer (12 cm), Humidity measurer, Egg checking lamp, Incubating textbook

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