MIDI 55FSK household incubator

79 990 Ft ÁFÁt tartalmaz

A MIDI keltetők gépháza PVC lemez borítású hőszigetelő szendvicspanel.  A kis kapacitású MIDI keltetők használatukban, fűtő és fordítóműben ugyan olyanok, mint a HU típusok.  A gépházuk sokkal jobb minőségű.


MIDI 55FSK household incubator.

The low capacity MIDI incubators are the same as the HU types, as far as their use, heating module and turning device are concerned.

There are two differences:

  1. The frame of the machine is a lot better quality!

The frame of the MIDI incubators is made of 2cm thick PVC plating; it is an insulating sandwich panel.

It is more durable, easier to clean, and the top part fits the bottom one more preciously so there is no undesirable air flowing in. Therefore, the inner heat distribution is much better! (It is a very important factor in relation to the success of incubating!)

It is suitable to incubate 55pieces of chicken eggs. Also, it can be used to incubate other types of eggs (with an egg-holder change!).

In the bottom part of the machine you need to place in the watertight film lining and fill up one water channel with water. Then you need to place the black egg-grid on top.

After this, put in the F55 type turning device. It preciously fits the bottom part; you do not need to make any changes!

Place the eggs, with their pointy ends up, in the egg-holder of the turning device. (You can also put the eggs lying on their side, since it is their normal position in the nest, but then you have less room in the machine.) Bring the connecting wire of the turning device out of the machine, through the side opposite of the engine winch.

Place the top part of the machine on, making sure it fits preciously then put in the heating module through the hole that is located in the middle of the top part.

Connect the fitted, special plug of the turning device (F55/12V) to the connecting outlet, which is located on the side of the SK60F type heating module.

Connect it to the electrical circuit and set the desired temperature.

After a couple of hours the required value is set.


  1. Measuring and controlling the humidity level is much simpler!

Place the humidity measurer behind the checking window, between the window and the metal ribbon. (It is not an included part of the machine!)

There is a small hole next to the heating module which can be closed with a piston. This is where the machine blows out the used air. By changing the size of this air hole, you can control the level of humidity. If you close the piston, the humidity will increase. If you open up the air hole, then it will decrease. Always make small corrections and check after a while to see how the new setting works.


From the 4th day on, you must take off the top part for about 15-20 minutes every day and must let the eggs cool off.

In the last three days do not turn the eggs, it is the hatching period. You must remove the turning device, fill up another two water channels with water and place the eggs on the egg-grid. The chickens will hatch on this.

Detailed information about using the machine can be found in the included Manual!

Recommended accessories: Control thermometer (12 cm), Humidity measurer, Egg checking lamp, Incubating textbook

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