MIDI 60FSK, the PARROT incubator

79 990 Ft ÁFÁt tartalmaz

Ez a géptípus különösen a papagáj és díszmadár tenyésztők köreiben népszerű, kifejezetten a kis méretű és mennyiségű tojások speciális keltetési igényeihez igazítva.  Folyamatos keltetésre alkalmas, azaz lehet tojás a felső sorban a fordítóműben, akár többféle időpontban berakva, és lehet többféle korú fióka a bujtató tálcában is egyidejűleg!


MIDI 60FSK, the PARROT incubator.

This machine is especially popular with parrot and exotic bird breeders; it is specifically designed for incubating small size eggs and in a small quantity.

It is suitable to incubate 30 pieces of chicken eggs at a time, + the same amount in the hatching basket.

It can be used for continuous incubating. In other words, you can have eggs in the top row(s) of the turning device (even put in at different times) and young chicks of different ages in the bottom in the hatching tray at the same time!

Also, it can be used to incubate other types of eggs (with an egg-holder change!).

Push in the F30/12V type turning device in the top tray-holding rail.

Place the eggs, with their pointy ends up, in the egg-holder of the turning device. (You can also put the eggs lying on their side, since it is their normal position in the nest, but then you have less room in the machine.) Bring the connecting wire of the turning device out of the machine, through the side opposite of the engine winch.

Place in the heating module through the hole that is located in the middle of the top part.

Connect the fitted, special plug of the turning device (F30/12V) to the connecting outlet, which is located on the side of the SK60F type heating module.

Place the hatching tray in the bottom tray-holding rail.

Put the evaporating tray under this and fill it up with water.

Connect it to the electrical circuit and set the desired temperature.

After a couple of hours the required value is set.

Place the humidity measurer behind the checking window. (It is not an included part of the machine!)

There is a small hole next to the heating module which can be closed with a piston. This is where the machine blows out the used air. By changing the size of this air hole, you can control the level of humidity.

From the 4th day on, you must open the door of the machine for about 15-20 minutes every day and must let the eggs cool off.

In the last three days do not turn the eggs, it is the hatching period.

Remove the eggs from the turning device and place them on the hatching tray. The young chicks will hatch on this.

Detailed information about using the machine can be found in the included Manual!

Information on incubating parrots and other exotic birds can be found in professional textbooks.

Recommended accessories: Control thermometer (12 cm), Humidity measurer, Egg checking lamp, Incubating textbook

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