MIDI B600 incubator

220 000 Ft ÁFÁt tartalmaz

A bujtatás a keltetési folyamat utolsó 3 napja, amikor már nem forgatjuk a tojásokat.  Ezért a bujtatógépek nem tudnak forgatni.  Automatikus a hőmérsékletszabályzás, kézzel beállítható a páratartalom, biztonsági hűtés van, riasztási lehetőség, stb…


MIDI B600 incubator

The engine box of the “MIDI” line incubators is made of 19 mm thick sandwich-panels that are glued together (the outer and inner side is polystyrene sheet, with extrudated polyurethane foam insulation in the middle).


The joint gaps of the panels are water-tight. The engine box stands on rubber legs.


The central fan—which is inside the incubator—controls the even temperature by turning the air and it also ensures the airing of the machine. The pipe heater responsible for heating of the incubating area is located in the intensive air-flow of the fan.


Connecting to the electric circuit starts all functions of the machine, such as the air-turning fan, the control of heating and humidity level, etc.

The display of the temperature controller shows the temperature of the incubating area with a +/- 0, 1 C degree accuracy.


Setting the temperature can be done by moving up or down with one tenth of a degree. The control device keeps the set temperature with a +/- 0, 1 C degree accuracy.


The temperature controller functions as a safety device, it protects against dangerous temperature increase by shutting off the heating and starting the fan to blow in cool air.


This feature can also be used as a remote alarm device!


If a power shortage happens while the incubator is being used, the machine shuts down, but after the power is back, the incubator starts up again with the originally set values. So the incubator “remembers” the previously stored information.


The incubator belongs to the group of air-turning, boxed-machines, thus its technological data applies accordingly.


The machine has 5 pieces of perforated metal egg trays; place the eggs in these on their sides, like they are in the nest.

Put the evaporating water tray in the bottom and the humidity measurer behind the checking window.

If you close the air outlet hole, the humidity level increases; if you open it, the humidity decreases. By moving the adjustable cover that is on the hole you can set the desired humidity.

The last three days are for the hatching period. In this period you must place the eggs from the turning tray into the hatching tray and have them hatch there. This way the incubator does not get dirty and after moving the eggs to the hatcher the new incubating process can be started.


In case of a continuous hatching, you can operate up to 4 incubators with 1 hatcher, provided you start each incubator 5 days after the previous one!


If the eggs, placed in the trays, are turned by hand, then the whole incubating process can be done in this machine.

These machines can be altered for incubating emu and ostrich eggs, naturally then they require trays with a different height and proportion.

Operating instructions are found in the Manual, attached to the machine!

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