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SK 60F Compact heating module

SK 60F Compact heating module

This is the ”soul” of the household incubating machine family. It contains the air-mixing fan, the heating panels, the control module with the measuring probe, a digital thermometer with a lit-up display, the heating display LED, and the control buttons to set the machine.

The heating module is placed in the incubating box through a hole that is cut on the top; then after connecting it to the electrical circuit it starts working immediately. The fan always runs and the display constantly shows the temperature of the incubating area. The heating LED, that is located above the display, will be constantly lit up at the beginning, showing that the heating function works on full capacity. As the inner temperature approaches the set value, the control module starts regulating the strength of the heater and the LED starts blinking. There is a built-in PID capacity control program which will compare the heat input and the heat loss of the incubator and set the temperature with a tenth of grade accuracy.

How much should the temperature be?

By pressing and releasing the ”FEL”(UP) button first, we will get the set value blinking on the display.

If you wish to change the temperature, then press the FEL or LE (UP or DOWN) buttons till you reach the desired value. After a couple of seconds, the machine ”reacts” to the new order and starts the change.

It will store this set value and, in case of a possible power shortage, will get back to where it was before.

The control of the turning device

There is a connecting plug on the side of the control module, where the connector of the turning device should be plugged in.

Every 6 minutes the turning control gives off a 12V (AC!) electrical output for 1 second towards the turning device. The turning-arm tilts 18 degrees, then tilts the egg-holders, and then every 6 minutes it tilts them again. In 2 hours it completes a full circle thus returning to its original position.

Pressing the ”LE”(DOWN) button first will give a continuous output to the turning device.

This way the egg-holders can be turned to the middle and the eggs can be placed in.


Electrical requirement: 230V

Heating capacity max.: 60W

Fan: 12V DC 1,7W

 Air moving: 69,6 m3/h

Double insulation.

Price: 100.00 €

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