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Since this is the most important parameter in the efficiency of incubation, it is understandable that the temperature of the incubator and the distribution of heat influence the success of incubating decisively.

Obviously the most crucial part is where the eggs are, so the tip of the thermometer should be placed to the vicinity of the eggs and do the measurement there.

A common medical thermometer can work fine, however the short stem of the device and the mercury line getting stuck occasionally can make measuring difficult; so we recommend a thermometer that was specifically designed for incubators.

The best ones are the bent, elbow-shaped thermometers, in which the mercury line does not get stuck, as can commonly happen in medical thermometers, and so these are suitable for continuous measurement.

There are two different lengths of the measuring stem; it can be 12 cm or 18 cm long.

They are calibrated for a measurement of +/- 0, 1 C degree accuracy.

Price: 10.00 €

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