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In our line of industrial incubators we make machines that are designed to incubate continuously on a professional level.

Each prototype is a self-supporting mobile machine, which means that they are ready made and fully put together in our workshop—at the operating site only the electrical, water and air connections have to be provided and then the machines are ready to work. This also means that the incubators can be moved to a different operating site easily.

There are many different versions, they can also be customized for unique and special needs or have combined machine types.

The engine-house of our industrial incubators is made of 50 mm thick cold-storage panels (outside zinced and painted, inside zinced steel armament with polyurethane-foam lining). The panels are connected in a way that heat cannot travel between them; the joints are sealed watertight. The engine-house stands on water-resistant wooden legs.

The central fan, which is located inside the machine, ensures the ventilation of the machine and an even temperature by mixing the air.

The pipe-radiator responsible for the heating of the incubating area is located in the intensive air-flow of the fan.

In the case that a water-cooling system is installed, copper pipes are also located in the air-flow of the fan.

The incubators come with an automatic turning device. This turning device can turn the egg trays in a +/- 45 degree angle; the break-times between turns are adjustable, generally 2 hours.

In order to ensure the humidity of the incubating area, we use water vaporization or a disk vaporizer.

Those machines that can be used for ostrich eggs can lower the humidity by using an air cooling unit.


CONTROLLING: The most important functions of the machine are run by pre-programmed microprocessors. The measured data and setting parameters are shown on a lit LCD screen and they are also stored. Its programming set-up is built like a menu system; setting the desired figures and orientation within this system is very easy.

The heating-cooling and the control of humidity happens with automatic balance searching (PID) programs, which brings the required values within a +/- 0, 1 C degree accuracy.


The safety control system monitors that the temperature and humidity are within the limits, and if the measurements leave the safety zone it sets off the alarm. This feature can also be used as a remote alarm device, so the alarm bell can be placed in a distant place or area.

The safety control system is also able to act in emergency situations if the temperature is dangerously high. In case of a +0, 2 C degree increase, it stops the heating. If this is not enough and the temperature keeps rising, then at +0, 3 C degree it starts a light cooling function (blowing in air or using cool water in the pipes); at +0, 4 C degree it changes to a stronger cooling function. If this still does not work, at +0, 6 C degree it sets off the alarm.


The service switch and the switch for the interior light are on the side of the control box.

These incubators belong to the group of air-turning, boxed-machines, thus their technological data applies accordingly.

 Besides the traditional poultry eggs, we make incubators for ostrich and emu eggs, as well as universal incubators that are suitable for incubating eggs of every breed, pharmaceutical experiment machines, and machines that are designed to operate in special climates.

They are made in three different capacities: for 1350, 2100 and 4200 chicken eggs.

Because of the many variations, the price of these incubators is based on the individual requirements.

Detailed operating instructions are found in the Manual, attached to the machine!

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